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GM application (melvin)

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GM application (melvin) Empty GM application (melvin)

Post  LovesSNSD on Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:16 pm

-Name: Melvin Lim Jia Jun

-In-Game Name: SoNyeoShiDae

-Age: 19

-Prior Experience(s) as a GM: I have been a gm in 3 v63 and 1 v88 server i help tis servers wif others Gm and we dun accecpt Hacking, Scaming, Spaming or bully in the game.. as a Gm we Dun hv patient our Patient as a limted we gv u one chance and second time ur out... i will help tis server and bulit up the population.and make tis the best server

-[DEV Only] Links to or post some examples of your work: Soon

-What makes you qualify for this position?
I will make tis a good server as i hv been Gm for 3yrs i will do my best to help tis server.
-Are you willing to host event(s) daily, or sometimes on an hourly basis?
I will make 2Event a day seen i hv created new Event games it fun i try wif the others serer and they love it..
-Do you agree that you will not show favoritism to any players?
I wont show any favoritisem in them to be fair for others

Quiet Noob
Quiet Noob

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GM application (melvin) Empty Re: GM application (melvin)

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:39 pm

Permanently Denied

( Also known as, don't post again )


1. Your language proficiency doesn't meet the basic requirements for a GM

2. You application format is wrong and you did not read the rules before applying found here

3. Why would we recruit a GM who can't even follow rules himself?

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GM application (melvin) Empty Re: GM application (melvin)

Post  SnowAkantor on Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:06 pm

As you can see how the owner is so mean and evil.
I have nothing to say about this case.
Moved to Denied.

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GM application (melvin) Empty Re: GM application (melvin)

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