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Leo's application

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Leo's application

Post  Leo on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:48 am

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Location: Singapore
Timezone: GMT +8:00 (I looked through the denied application, and I see quite a number of rejection due to timezone. But I'm online during midnight at my timezone, and it is easily proven by the fact I am online now.)
Contact Information[/b] (MSN, AIM, etc.(preferably MSN)):
[b]Applying for
: Gamemaster position.
Experience in the field you're applying for: None.
Proof of work (only necessary if applying for Game Master , Graphic Artist, Developer, or Web Developer):
How often are you online (Specify time or number of hours online): I can be online at any timing you requires or want me to. (Including midnight)
Weekdays : 2-3 Hours
WeekEnd : 6 -8 hours
Holidays : 8-10 Hours
What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a GM:
As for how I would improve it , I would prevent hacking from happening.Hacking make it unfair to the other members of this server. This would greatly improve the server. Secondly , is advertising this server. I will be probably using YouTube and private server forums. Also, as I have been on quite a amount of private server, I can give useful suggestion to improving the server =)
What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a normal player:
I would invite all my maplestory friends to join in this server.
Personally, what is the best quality of yourself that makes you be an efficient GM: I am helpful, responsible , active and I always come out with new ideas like new events, how to make this server more interesting and stuffs.
What makes you deserve this job more than others:
And for why you should pick me, Well , I always helped out new peoples , and invite new people to join. I have seen wrong things done in the server that is out of my power , but maybe if I become a gm I could help out with it.

Why you're applying for a job here: Well , it is interesting to built up a server and being a game master. Also , event with members are rather fun.
Would you quit this server is you are denied: No.
Other information:
I'm kind of a carefree person, also free and happy to help out with things. I'm wearing seriously thick glasses , which if i take it off I could see nothing at all. Let's just say computer if my life, I'm addicted with it.I love a good laugh. I can be silly at times , but when It come to serious matter I won't be. And my thinking of how a gamemaster should be like : close with the members , always willing to help out and chat with them , Instead of being bossy. But at times the gamemaster does need to be strict.[u]

Quiet Noob
Quiet Noob

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Re: Leo's application

Post  ChrisZai on Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:21 am

You must play the game for at least a week before posting this.


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Re: Leo's application

Post  SnowAkantor on Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:45 pm

You did not follow the rules.
- Only post a GM Application after 1week of playing in our server.


Please make another application (IF you want) after this date : 17 / December / 2010.
If you fail to follow this rule, you would be disqualified from posting a GM Application

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Re: Leo's application

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