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Koss' GM Application

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Koss' GM Application Empty Koss' GM Application

Post  Koss on Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:12 pm

I couldn't find an application format, so I made my own :3

Name: Eirik

IGN: Koss

Country: Norway

Timezone: GMT/UTC +1 (This timezone gives me the opportunity to be online at the time when most GameMasters is offline.)

Age: 15

Previous Experience: I have been a Co-Owner on a server named XanMS, SuperGMs on SheaMS and SessionMS, and GM at DemiMS. So I know every basic commands used as a GM. During the time as a SuperGM, I learned everything about item codes, NPC codes, GM commands, and a little bit of coding

What will you do to help NoviceMS?: I'm mature and can define what's wrong and what's right in every situation. I'm able to deal with any problems, conflicts, and abuser with the correct ways of punishments and lead the players in playing the server rightfully. I can entertain the players by hosting events, awesome jokes, and social chatting in the Free Market. I am able to follow any given instruction by my superior and my fellow senior team mates. I do respect my team mates and superior and willing to learn from them whether I have experiences as GameMaster, but I should never be too arrogant. I will serve this server with the best I can give and be committed, because I love the job as a GameMaster.

Contact information?: Email/MSN - ''.

What events can you host?: Personally, I am an event lover. I love hide and seek, and I am good at it. Besides that I know how to host OX quiz, JQ, true and dare, savage hunt and boss fight event.

What would you do if you saw a hacker?: It's very wrong to be hacking in a private server where the owner spends alot of hard work in making it. Therefore if I spot a hacker without chances I will give him or her a ban. And also take a Screenshot of all the Hackers I have banned to act as evidence for my superior.

Thank you for taking time to read my application. I really appreciate it. Very Happy

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