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Mr.Green's GM Application!

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Mr.Green's GM Application! Empty Mr.Green's GM Application!

Post  mrgreen282 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:53 pm

Name:Linus Wikström





Contact Information (MSN, AIM, etc.(preferably MSN)):
MSN: and Email
Skype: linus1845

Applying for:im applying for Gm and beacuse i wanna be GM cuz i wanna help Begginers and Players with Problems i accutaly like that and i like to Host events its fun to so Yea. And Bust some damn hackers and abusers.

Experience in the field you're applying for:GM ive been GM in serveval Server from v55 to v83 now i got some experience.

Proof of work (only necessary if applying for Game Master , Graphic Artist, Developer, or Web Developer):I havent save anything from before so No proof accutaly i have hosted a server named FireMS only.

How often are you online (Specify time or number of hours online):More than 10 hours if im have no school but im very active.

What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a GM:I would help to host more events and help more peoples who need help and Detect all hackers and abusers.

What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a normal player:Im always trying to help without GM and trying to have fun and train Begginers and help so much i can.

Personally, what is the best quality of yourself that makes you be an efficient GM:Im active and im
never ban or jail someone without reason i always have a reason and i love to help

What makes you deserve this job more than others:Well many people maybie dont play this server that much that i am im not saying im best but Im active and im always trying to help.

Why you're applying for a job here:Beacuse i love this server its cool and not high rates so u have to work for The levels and its fun as i dont know what to say its Best!

Would you quit this server is you are denied:No I would just play as normal and try to get top 10.
Other information:I The coding is Awesome i just had to said that!
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Mr.Green's GM Application! Empty Re: Mr.Green's GM Application!

Post  SnowAkantor on Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:27 am

Due to confusion reasons, MrGreen's remade judging has been cut short.

Did not play the game for at least a week

According to the Remake Judging, you can only create another Application after 5days (Special Reason).
Deny date : 05/01/2011
Expiry Application suspension : 12/01/2011

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