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[GM App] Jamesx3

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[GM App] Jamesx3

Post  xKINO on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:21 pm

Name:James Tay You Wen
Timezone: GMT +8
Contact Information:Contact by 92475759
Applying for:GM
Experience in the field you're applying for:None
How often are you online:Mostly everyday Unless there's something important to do.
What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a GM:I will do anything i can to help
What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a normal player:Help others if i can
Personally, what is the best quality of yourself that makes you be an efficient GM:Willing to Help Anyone If He/She needs help.
What makes you deserve this job more than others:I will 100% do my job as a GM in game.
Why you're applying for a job here:Because i like this server
Would you quit this server is you are denied:No and i will not.
Other information:-NIL-

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Quiet Noob

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Re: [GM App] Jamesx3

Post  SnowAkantor on Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:08 pm


You did not meet the rules of making a GM Application.

You have a 2nd and last attempt after 10days later.
Deny date : 9/12/2010 (GMT: +8:00)

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