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Deathex1 GM app

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Deathex1 GM app Empty Deathex1 GM app

Post  Deathex123 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:07 pm

Name: Tan Chong Yao
Contact Information (MSN, AIM, etc.(preferably MSN)): (Both is msn)
Applying for:GM
Experience in the field you're applying for: Yes,in Teleportms
Proof of work (only necessary if applying for Game Master , Graphic Artist, Developer, or Web Developer):
What makes you deserve this job more than others: Well i think i deserve this job cas i had quite a long experience as a gm
Why you're applying for a job here: About this , a friend recommended this server to me so i decided to try it and it was good so i decided to apply here(that friend is EpicCloudz)
Other information: I know abit of video editing and pic editing

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Deathex1 GM app Empty Re: Deathex1 GM app

Post  Bowman512 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:54 pm

denied not accepting any GMT+8 GMs


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Deathex1 GM app Empty Re: Deathex1 GM app

Post  SnowAkantor on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:58 pm

Thank you for admiring our server and considered to apply as a GM here.

And i appreciate the thought of you applying for GM, however as i mentioned at other applications, We currently have quite enough GMT: +8:00 GMS. So we would only accept MORE of these GMs if we have more players obviously.
And.. 10years old, yes. I appreciate how you are getting motivated in this too. However, to me. As being a GM requires responsibility, diligence, respect, compassion, dedication, discipline, integrity etc. Im sure not everyone has this, but yeah come on.
Anyways, im not trying to take advantage of rejecting you because you're 10. I just dont know you very well, why?
Because you're not connected with the community. Also, as i mentioned at other applications, only post a GM application when you are at least 1week old to the server. So you know almost know about anything and everything about the server.
Hope it wont leave a scar anywhere in you, Have fun at NoviceMS! Very Happy

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Deathex1 GM app Empty Re: Deathex1 GM app

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