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Major Changes

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Major Changes Empty Major Changes

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:55 am

This thread's purpose is mainly to inform all our players of the recent major staff allocations which includes their promotion and demotion

I'll start with the bad news

-Darren has been demoted such that he is no longer with the staff team of NoviceMs due to inactiveness and little contribution.

@ Darren : Sorry you play Sudden Attack too much =="

Here's the good news

-SnowAkantor has been promoted to GM 6 being the Co-Owner of the server. He'll handle ALL GM apps except special cases which will be handled by me. Btw he's in charge of the forums as well

-EpicCloudz has been promoted to GM 4 as a coder and pretty much helping to increase the player population within the server

-Congratz on our new intern DrAlex who has been specially accepted by me as a custom wz maker on the server. So here I am expecting more custom stuff on the server hah Razz

-Edit by SnowAkantor
DrAleX has been booted out of the staff team. Read his application for more info.

Major Changes Novicesig

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