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Blingstar's GM APP

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Blingstar's GM APP

Post  pigey on Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:00 pm

Name:Frank Li


Gender:I'm a(n) Alien boy.

Location:Mars NewYork


Contact information:You can find it on my home Mars

Applying for:I am applying to be a(n)AlienKing Gamemaster

Experience in the field you're applying for:I have been a(n) AlienKing on venus X-DragonServer

Proof of work (only necessary if applying for Game Master , Graphic Artist, Developer, or Web Developer):N/A

How often are you online? I'm on from 3:00 PM-9:00 PM Est on week days, on weekends, the whole day.

What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a GM:I would do the following.
1)Vote like heck
2)Donate as much money as Bill Gates(In all seriousness, I would donate 20$-100$
3)Make a reasonable amount of events ranging from 1-3 each day
4)Make new players feel comfortable

What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a normal player:Same things as "What would you do to help the server if you were regarded as a GM:" except #3.

Personally, what is the best quality of yourself that makes you be an efficient GM: I am an Alien
'Nuff said. In all seriousness, I can make a reasonable judgment whether to ban someone or not, 1st banning him. And then if he doesn't really hack, he could make a ban appeal on the forums.

What makes you deserve this job more than others: Being frank here, but I don't think others shouldn't be a GameMaster, but I have some unique characteristics not trying to be such biased.

Why you're applying for a job here: I would like to contribute my knowledge, of being a Gamemaster to this server And then abduct them with my awesomeness spaceship

Would you quit this server is you are denied: No, I still love this server so I won't quit.

Other informaton:I'm an average 15 year old, that loves to play sports, code, and chill with friends, I'm a Sophomore in High school, and go to the High School "Brooklyn Technical High School" I love chilling and relaxing and my favorite subjects, are Science, Technology, and Math. I'm pretty short for my age, and I'm offense on my Football team. I hope these information explains myself. Oh, and I hope you noticed the colors I used are the colors of the rainbow, we Aliens love rainbows so much, especially double rainbows...

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Quiet Noob

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Re: Blingstar's GM APP

Post  SnowAkantor on Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:50 pm

Your 15 and..

Failed to follow the rules.
You have your 2nd and last attempt on your GM Application.
Look at : Infomation for GM Applicants
According to it, you can only do that 12 days later.
Deny date : 12/December/2010 (GMT: +8:00)

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