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Justin's 2nd GM Application

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Justin's 2nd GM Application

Post  Justin on Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:44 pm

EpicCloudz told me that i can copy my other server GM application so i did it.Because i spended like 2hours to do that Application.

1) Personal info:
- Name:Miguel Tan Chween An
- Age:11(Birthday 13 December)
- Time zone and country: GMT+8, Singapore
- Character Name:Justin

-Tell us some important things about yourself:

My name is Miguel and I'm 11 Years old and from Singapore.I like playing NoviceMS with my own computer(laptop) I everyday play NoviceMS for 5hour.I dislike rude people.

2) Other info:
- Why are you applying for the GM position? What interests you most about it? What are you hoping to accomplish?:
I'm applying because that I want to keep the server save and sound.If any player or i spotted a hacker,I'll Ban that hacker forever.I want to make NoviceMS a better place.

- What do you expect from us (current the staff members) and from becoming a GM?:
I want respect of player and staff in game and in MSN/Skype.

- What do you think a GM should be doing all day?:
Keep the server save and avoid of hacker in game.

- Have you been a GM before? If so, how long and why did you quit/get fired?:
I've be a GM once.EpicCloudz made me a GM in his server.

- Why should we pick you over everyone else? What makes you special?:
I'm active in game and i love playing NoviceMS if there's many players.

- What times exactly can you be online as a GM? ?: (Be specific: Days/Times etc)
(Maybe i can play till 8.30pm or till 9pm)

Sunday:10am-7pm(never go church)
or 2pm-7pm(go church)

- Extra information that you wish to share, tell us a little about yourself?
I love to talk to player in game and share mine information about mine life.

Quiet Noob
Quiet Noob

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Re: Justin's 2nd GM Application

Post  Bowman512 on Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:49 pm


We have enough GMs for timezone GMT+8



NoviceMs FTW!!!
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Re: Justin's 2nd GM Application

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:54 am

The app itself is so below average that I just want to deny it using my phone from hongkong international airport

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Re: Justin's 2nd GM Application

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